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Large-format Line Array System




Al-12는 라인어레이 시스템으로 독보적인 성능을 이끌어내기 위해 진보된 기술을 활용한 모델로 

Beryllium compression Driver, Kevlar/Neo LF Transducer와 정밀한 앰프DSP system 기술력과 더불어 

고도의 스케일을 가진 시스템으로 본래의 음향 품질보다 더 좋아진 기술을 이용해 

모두가 갈망하는 라인어레이 성능을 보여주며 

간단한 행사에서부터 대형 공연에 이르기까지 모든 것을 출당할수 있도록 설계되어있습니다. 



  • Three-way, High output true Line Array design
  • Extremely Scalable System – combine al-12 acoustic elements with al-8s and al-4s to build complex hybrid arrays.
  • New State-of the Art transducer technology
  • Integrated VUEDrive™ System Engines with SystemVUE control Dante Audio networking
  • Fully compatible with VUEPoint beam steering technology
  • Integrated flying hardware allows quick assembly of arrays.
  • Optional subwoofers, flying and transport accessories.

VUE has been hard at work on creating a high-output system for large-scale applications that would remain faithful to the fidelity standards established with the al-4 and al-8 systems. Retaining the bandwidth, definition, and linearity of VUE’s smaller line array systems while producing output levels required for large stadium applications, was no small accomplishment.  In fact, it required a re-thinking of possibilities, effectively resulting in the development of a whole new set of advanced transducers, new suspension designs, and system packaging


al-12-Vue-system-overview-03-frontDefinition of Topology: “The study of geometric properties and spatial relations unaffected by the continuous change of shape or size of figures.”

CST™ re-defines the concept of system ‘Scalability’. Acoustic Linearity Architecture paired with CST™ allows the use of multiple different al-Class elements together in an array without sacrificing the elemental line-array theory basics, resulting in a coherent and symmetrical line-source from the largest cabinet at the top of the array, to the smallest under-hung elements. The family of al-Class products feature three line array elements for maximum flexibility in sound design, inventory profitability, unbeatable coherency. Furthermore, the VUE al-Class Line Arrays support VUEPoint™ Beam Forming to further achieve unsurpassable performance and coverage control in any given room configuration.


al-Class Combination Arrays
The VUE al-Class line arrays are the only system that can combine ultra-compact (al-4), medium format (al-8) and large-format (al-12) enclosures into a single coherent array without compromising  the mid- and high-frequency coherency. This design feature enables a level of unparalleled system versatility. One can create virtually seamless arrays fully optimized for every parameter including coverage, sound pressure level, size and weight. This also expands the capitalization of a rental inventory for all portable applications.

To understand the latest developments in line array technology? Download the ACOUSTIC LINEARITY White Paper.


 Acoustic Data

 Frequency Response (±-2.5dB)

 62Hz ~ 19 kHz

 Frequency Range (-10dB)

 47 Hz ~ 28 kHz

 Phase Response


 Sensitivity (1W/1m)

 102 dB SPL

 Power Handling Long Term

LF: 830 watts

MF: 830 watts

HF: 120 watts 

 Power Handling Program


 Max Peak SPL

 144 dB SPL

 Max SPL Long Term

 131.5 dB SPL

 Coverage Horizontal

 90 degrees -6dB

 Coverage Vertical

 10 degress -6dB


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